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What’s the weather like in North Cyprus?

With over 300 days of sunshine a year, North Cyprus certainly enjoys some wonderful weather.

“Soak in the sun & enjoy the Vitamin D”

What’s the weather like in North Cyprus? -Cyprus Paradise


Holiday weather in North Cyprus in January

A winter holiday in January in North Cyprus is perfect for those looking for a bit of winter sunshine, with an average of 5 hours of sun per day. High temperatures in January in North Cyprus average about 14°C which drops to around 5°C at night, which is still a lot warmer than the UK! Explore every detail about January weather, packing tips, the best hotels for a January getaway, and much more on our blog.


North Cyprus weather February

Holidays in North Cyprus in February average around 6 hours of sunshine a day, with high temperatures around 15°C and low temperatures of approximately 5°C at night. You can expect some rain at this time of year. Learn about Feburary weather, packing tips, hotel recommendations, and more on our blog.


Temperature in Northern Cyprus in March

A March holiday in North Cyprus offers around 7 hours of sunshine a day, with temperatures up to 18°C and low temperatures around 7°C. Expect some spring showers but also nice sunny periods in between. Visit our blog to learn more about March Weather, exclusive holiday deals, hours of sunshine and everything in between.


Weather in Cyprus in April

Easter holidays in North Cyprus offer some nice temperatures, with the high temperature averaging 22°C and lows of 9°C at night. Expect up to 9 hours of sunshine a day. This is ideal to visit if you would like to see the turtles laying their eggs at Alagadi Beach. Explore our blog for comprehensive insights on Cyprus weather in April


North Cyprus holidays in May

May is the perfect time to visit North Cyprus for those who don’t like it too hot. High temperatures of 28°C make it the perfect time to enjoy the sun, with lows of 14°C and around 10 hours of sunshine a day. Check out our blog for a deep dive into Cyprus' May weather, complete with packing suggestions, rainfall statistics, sunlight hours, and further insights.


June weather in Northern Cyprus

June is also a lovely time to enjoy a holiday in North Cyprus, with 12 hours of sunshine a day and high temperatures of 30°C and lows of 19°C at night. Need more information about tips on packing, details on rainfall, sunlight duration, and more? Check out our blog for further insights.



What is the weather like in North Cyprus in July?

Summer holidays in North Cyprus mean one thing, hot, hot, hot! July sees temperatures of around 38°C during the day, down to 21°C at night, with a lovely 12 hours of sunshine a day – perfect for sunseekers! Visit our blog to learn everything you need to know about the July weather in Cyprus, including packing tips, and sunlight hours.


Weather in North Cyprus August

August sees similar temperatures to July, with the average temperature during the day in North Cyprus reaching 34°C and lows around 21°C at night. With an average of 12 hours of sun a day, it’s the perfect time to relax around the pool. Uncover a trove of knowledge about Cyprus' August weather on our blog.



North Cyprus weather September

September is a popular month for North Cyprus holidays, with temperatures around 31°C in the day (dropping to around 26°C towards the end of the month) and lows of 18°C at night. Expect around 10 hours of sunshine a day. Find out more about the weather in Cyprus in September, packing tips, rainfall, sunlight, and more on our blog.


North Cyprus temperatures in October

October is another popular month in North Cyprus for a holiday, with many couples choosing to stay here as the temperatures are comfortable at 26°C in the day and 14°C at night. An average of 8 hours of sunshine a day, makes October a great month to visit. If you want to learn more about the Cyprus weather in October, check our blog.


Holidays in Northern Cyprus in November

November North Cyprus holidays offer temperatures of around 21°C during the day and 10°C at night. With around 7 hours of sunshine a day, North Cyprus is ideal for an autumn getaway as the UK cools down. To find additional details about the climate in Northern Cyprus in November, please visit our blog.


North Cyprus winter holidays in December

Christmas holidays in North Cyprus offer much warmer temperatures than the UK, with averages during the day of 16°C and 7°C at night. There are around 5 hours of sunshine a day and the locals are still wearing their shorts! For a deeper dive into the weather of Northern Cyprus in December, please peruse our blog.



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