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What's the weather like in Cyprus in February?

Get insights on temperature, rainfall, and more for a perfect winter escape.

Island winters feel like spring

When planning a holiday in February, one of the key considerations is undoubtedly the weather. Cyprus, with its stunning Mediterranean climate, is a popular destination year-round. But what can you expect in terms of weather in Cyprus in February? Let's explore the temperatures, precipitation, and more to help you plan your trip effectively.

Cyprus Weather in February

Kyrenia, North Cyprus

Kyrenia, North Cyprus

Cyprus in February experiences mild winter weather. The island enjoys a Mediterranean climate, which means that even during the winter months, you can expect relatively pleasant conditions. In February, Cyprus resembles spring more than winter, as lush greenery blankets the landscape. Even on the occasional chilly day, the island still graces visitors with a warm and inviting sunshine, making it an inviting destination for those seeking a refreshing winter escape.

Temperature in Cyprus in February

Maximum Temperature:

The maximum daytime temperature in Cyprus during February typically hovers around 12-15°C (53-59°F).

Minimum Temperature:

Nights can be cooler, with temperatures dropping to around 5-8°C (41-46°F).

Varosha Ghost Town, Famagusta, North Cyprus

Varosha Ghost Town, Famagusta, North Cyprus

Water Temperature

The Mediterranean Sea around Cyprus remains cool in February, with water temperatures averaging around 16°C (61°F). While it may be too chilly for swimming, the coastal views are still breathtaking.

Precipitation and Dry Days

February is one of the wetter months in Cyprus, but the rainfall is still relatively low compared to many other European destinations. On average, there are about 9-10 days of rain during the month. However, the rain tends to be sporadic and doesn't last long.

Average Hours of Sun Per Day

Despite the occasional rain, February still sees an average of 5-6 hours of sunshine per day. This means you'll have plenty of opportunities to explore the island and enjoy outdoor activities.

Kyrenia Harbour, North Cyprus

Kyrenia Harbour, North Cyprus

Average Wind Force

Windy conditions are not uncommon in February, with an average wind force of around 3-4 on the Beaufort scale. It's advisable to check the weather forecast if you plan any outdoor excursions.

Average UV Index

While the UV index is lower than in the summer months, it's still important to wear sunscreen, especially if you plan to spend time outdoors. The average UV index in February is around 3-4, which is considered moderate.

Packing Tips for Your February Adventure in Cyprus

Mediterranean Sunset, North Cyprus

Mediterranean Sunset, North Cyprus

Packing for a February adventure in Cyprus requires some consideration of the island's weather during this month. While it's not as chilly as many other European destinations, you'll want to be prepared for mild winter conditions. Pack a mix of clothing, including sweaters, long-sleeved shirts, and a light jacket for cooler evenings. Comfortable walking shoes are essential for exploring Cyprus's natural beauty and historic sites. Don't forget to bring swimwear as well; some hotels have heated pools, and you might still want to take a refreshing dip. Sunscreen and sunglasses are also necessary to protect yourself from the still relatively strong Mediterranean sun in February.

Perfect Hotel Choices for Your February Getaway

Choosing the perfect hotel for your February getaway in Cyprus depends on your preferences. What makes February particularly enticing is that prices for these luxurious and often expensive hotels are incredibly lower than during the peak summer season. This means you can indulge in opulence without breaking the bank. Alternatively, if you're interested in history and culture, staying in the heart of Kyrenia or Famagusta will give you easy access to the island's rich heritage and vibrant city life. Here are some of the best hotel options for your winter getaway:

Kaya Palazzo Resort

Korineum Golf & Beach Resort

Dome Hotel

What to Do in Cyprus in February

St. Hilarion Castle, Kyrenia, North Cyprus

St. Hilarion Castle, Kyrenia, North Cyprus

Cyprus in February offers a unique blend of activities for travellers. While the weather may not be suitable for sunbathing, it's ideal for exploring the island's historical treasures. For a comprehensive list of activities and compelling reasons to visit Cyprus in the winter season, we invite you to explore our informative blog.

FAQs About Cyprus Weather in February

Q: Is Cyprus warm in February?

A: Cyprus in February is relatively mild, with daytime temperatures reaching around 12-15°C (53-59°F). While it's not scorching hot, it's certainly pleasant compared to many northern European destinations during this time.

Q: Does it rain a lot in Cyprus in February?

A: February is one of the wetter months in Cyprus, but it still only sees about 9-10 days with rain on average. The rain tends to be short-lived.

Q: Can I swim in the sea in February in Cyprus?

A: While the Mediterranean Sea around Cyprus remains cool in February, some brave souls do take a dip. However, most visitors prefer to enjoy the coastal views and indoor activities during this month.

Kyrenia Castle, North Cyprus

Kyrenia Castle, North Cyprus

In Conclusion

Cyprus in February offers a mild and pleasant climate for those looking to escape the harsh winter weather elsewhere. With relatively cool temperatures, occasional rain showers, and a decent amount of sunshine, it's a great time to explore the island's natural beauty and cultural treasures.

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