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Discover the Best Restaurants In Cyprus

From luxury hotels to cosy meyhanes, our guide ensures every meal becomes a memorable chapter in your travel diary.

Taste the Magic of Cyprus

Best Restaurants in Cyprus

When it comes to experiencing the true essence of a destination, nothing quite captures the culture like its food. As a traveller, immersing yourself in the local cuisine becomes a crucial part of your holiday. Our guide will navigate you through the best restaurants in Cyprus ensuring your journey transcends the ordinary.

Merit Park Hotel

Fora Balik Merit Park

Situated at Merit Park Hotel, Fora Balik Merit Park epitomises luxury. With scenic views, perfect seafood, and impeccable service, it stands as one of the undisputed best Cyprus restaurants.

Giamare Beach Club

Also at Merit Park Hotel, Giamare Beach Club offers a fusion of mesmerising sunsets, premium cocktails, and top DJs. It’s an ideal blend of relaxation and excitement, solidifying its status among the best.

Les Ambassadeur Hotel

Shell Wi

Located in Les Ambassadeur Hotel, Shell Wi promises an unforgettable dining experience with the freshest seafood and delightful appetisers, all against a magnificent sea view.


A hidden gem for sushi lovers, Dragon in Les Ambassadeur Hotel offers not only exquisite sushi but also a captivating decoration—truly, a paradise among the best restaurants in Cyprus.

Lord’s Palace Hotel

Sky Lounge & Bar

Elevate your experience at Lord’s Palace Hotel's rooftop bar, where the glittering Kyrenia and the majestic Bellapais Monastery unfold—an essential stop among the best sky bars in Cyprus.

Mystique Shisha Lounge & Bar

Begin your day with a delightful breakfast at Mystique Shisha Lounge & Bar, renowned for its mouthwatering morning offerings—a serene start at one of the best restaurants in Cyprus.

Kaya Palazzo Resort

Mezzo Restaurant

Experience the fusion of Mediterranean cuisine and fresh seafood at Mezzo Restaurant in the heart of Kaya Palazzo. It’s a delightful addition to the best restaurants in Cyprus.

Develi Restaurant

Located in Kaya Palazzo Resort, Develi Restoran is famous for its kebap, offering a taste of Turkey's renowned culinary heritage.

Grand Pasha Hotel

Ocakbasi Restaurant

With branches scattered across Cyprus, Ocakbasi Restaurant, situated on the rooftop of the Grand Pasha Hotel, captures hearts with delectable dishes and stunning views, making it undeniably one of the best in the region.

Bellapais Gardens Hotel

Bellapais Gardens 

Located at the Bellapais Gardens Hotel, this restaurant is celebrated for its delectable cuisine and impeccable service. Blessed with magnificent views of the Mediterranean and the stunning Bellapais Abbey,it’s a true paradise!

Acapulco Beach & Spa Resort

Sunset Restaurant

Indulge in a deluxe culinary experience by the sea at Sunset Restaurant in the Acapulco Beach & Spa Resort. Enjoy both the view and the unique flavours that define this remarkable spot.

Korineum Golf & Beach Resort

Carob Island Restaurant

This exceptional restaurant located within the picturesque Korineum Golf and Beach Resort is famous for its mesmerising views of the golf area. The combination of stunning scenery and delicious food makes dining at this establishment an enjoyable experience.

Kyrenia Diverse Delights

Alta Marea Restaurant & Lounge

An emerging star among the best restaurants in Cyprus, Alta Marea Restaurant & Lounge exudes class, offering a perfect blend of unique cocktails, exquisite food, and a charming seaside ambience.

Nima Restaurant & Lounge Bar

Indulge in luxury dining at Nima Restaurant & Lounge Bar, situated in the heart of Kyrenia's harbour—a gem within the best restaurants in Cyprus.

Famagusta Old Town's Sweet Delight

Petek Pastanesi

Nestled in the heart of Famagusta’s Old Town, Petek Pastanesi is renowned for its Turkish delight—a sweet addition to the list of the best restaurants in Cyprus.

Castello Restaurant & Bar

Immerse yourself in the Cypriot feel of Castello, one of the top meyhanes in Famagusta old town. Enjoy Turkish live music, dance-filled weekends, and a cosy atmosphere—a cultural haven and one of the best restaurants in Cyprus.

Nicosia's Flavorful Addition

Sabor Restaurant

Close to the Nicosia border, Sabor Restaurant exudes a Cypriot feel in every element. Relish delicious food in an ambience that celebrates the island's unique culinary heritage—a flavorful addition to the best restaurants in Cyprus.

Big Chefs

This recently opened restaurant boasts an extensive menu, featuring options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and coffee. Adding to the vibrant atmosphere, occasional entertainment events include Turkish breakfasts with jazz music on Sundays and engaging pizza workshops for kids.

Flavours of Cyprus

These handpicked restaurants represent the pinnacle of Cypriot gastronomy, ensuring that every meal becomes a memorable chapter in your travel diary. If you're eager to know exactly what to order in Cyprus restaurants, delve into our blog, where we've curated a guide to the very best and most popular foods in Cyprus, enhancing your culinary experience in this stunning destination. Let Cyprus enchant your taste buds like never before!


Your holiday is safe with us