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Spring and autumn are the optimum times to visit North Cyprus…

If you would like to see as many birds as possible, however, some of the 46 species that are native to Cyprus can be seen at other times of the year as well.

You can enjoy watching birds in the most unspoiled Island…

A Bird Lovers Paradise…


Bee Eater, North Cyprus

Bird Watching in North Cyprus…

The migratory seasons of spring and autumn are the best times to visit Cyprus in order to see as many birds as possible when the island is full of many comings and goings. There are well over 300 species of bird that can be found in Cyprus, less than 50 of these are native species with a few endemic sub-species. There are birds that migrate to Cyprus specifically for breeding purposes and the island is used as a convenient stopping off post for many species in transit to other lands.

Good places for finding migratory birds are the wetlands to be found round Famagusta and the salt lake in Larnaca. Many of the small reservoirs that have been created to catch the mountain water will attract birds on their travels and visitors who come in March-May and late August- October will be rewarded with many sightings.


The Scops Owl is found in North Cyprus

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