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Unforgettable Cypriot Phrases

Words sometimes go a long way, especially when you are in a different country. Learning some common phrases and the meanings behind them adds a special touch to your Cyprus holiday.

“Come Again - Gene gelin - Ge-ner ge-leen“

Unforgettable Cypriot Phrases

How Are You?

Nasılsın? - Na-suhl-sin?

When Cypriots see each other on the road or after a long time they like to ask how you are to open up a conversation. If a Cypriot doesn’t ask how you are, they find it very rude so regardless where they are they would always ask one another.

Can I Have A Beer Please ?

Bir ‘Bira’ Alabilir Miyim Lütfen - Beer beera ala-bee-leer mee-yee-yim loot-fen

Cypriots love to drink and to be able to ask for a drink from a Cypriot is very important. You can replace the drink name you want in the sentence by removing ‘bira’ (beer). When you visit a Cypriot’s house, they always make sure you have a drink. If you do not tell them what you want to drink they will either make you Turkish coffee or give you limonata.

Thank You

Tesekkür Ederim - Te-she-quer ed-err-im

Cypriots like to say thank you in many different ways, 'teşekkür ederim‘ is used for almost every occasion. Locals like to give a gift back to say thank you. If you bring a plate of food the locals would never send the plate back empty or if you bring a gift when visiting someone’s home they would make sure they give you a homemade gift back.

Thank You For The Food

Ellerine Saglık - Elle-reen-ne saa-guhm-luhk

This phrase is used alot by the locals - it’s a way of respecting the food that has been cooked for them. Once the food has been cooked, tasted or finished, the eater will approach the person who cooked for them and say ‘ellerine sağlık’. It is polite and a known tradition in Cypriot culture to say thank you for the good food.

How Much?

Kac Para? - Kach par-rah

It's important to know the cost of something before purchasing, therefore asking the price is important. Always negotiate the price with the locals as they like to barter, and will inflate the price to start with only to then bring it down when selling an item.


Aman Allahim - A-mahn Al-lah-yeem

‘Aman allahim’ is a phrase used to express either happiness, anger or sadness between Cypriots; it's a quick reaction. Anyone using this phrase is drawing attention to the current situation.

Forget About It

Bosver - Boh-sh-ver

Cypriots have a very interesting way of forgetting about everything. If you are explaining an issue or a problem to a Cypriot, they would say ‘ooh boşver’, as they like to take life easy and day-by-day. Even when things are going wrong in the world, Cypriots would be having a barbecue and saying ‘boşver’.


Serefe - Sh-eh-ref-feh

‘Şerefe’ is used a lot between Cypriots especially when they are drinking alcohol. When Cypriots drink raki they bang the glass on the table, say ‘Şerefe!’ and look into each other's eyes and drink. If the person does not then drink it is considered rude..


Your holiday is safe with us