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North Cyprus Trivia

    • Cyprus is divided into two regions, North Cyprus and South Cyprus
    • Northern Cyprus is Turkish, South Cyprus is Greek.
    • There is a border dividing the island called the Green Line and it is manned by the United Nations.
    • You can travel between the two sides with a European passport.
    • North Cyprus’ airport is called Ercan – (ECN)
    • South Cyprus’ airports are Larnaca (LCA) and Paphos (PFO). You can travel to North Cyprus via these airports.
    • The currency in Northern Cyprus is the Turkish Lira. North Cyprus is a NON-EURO ZONE.
    • North Cyprus is two hours ahead of the UK.
    • North Cyprus does not actually have international recognition, consequently you won’t find big chains like McDonalds, Starbucks and the rest!
    • The British once ruled in Cyprus, therefore the Cypriots generally speak very good English.
    • Driving in Northern Cyprus is on the left hand side, making it easier for UK citizens to drive hire cars.
    • Northern Cyprus is an all year holiday destination with approximately 340 days of sunshine a year!
    • The hottest months are July and August.
escape beach, kyrenia

escape beach, kyrenia

    • Al Fresco dining is possible in the winter months, as the restaurants provide outdoor patio heaters.
    • There is zero tolerance for drink driving in North Cyprus.
    • The local buses are called dolmuses, and they are very cheap to use. They stop anywhere, no bus stop required!
    • Taxis are reasonably cheap, but you must always ask them to put the meter on.
    • The Island of Cyprus has always been referred to as the cross roads of the Mediterranean, consequently it is littered with hundreds of archaeological sites.
salamis ruins, famagusta

salamis ruins, famagusta

    • There are three spectacular mountain top Crusader castles in North Cyprus; St Hilarion, Buffavento and Kantara Castle.
    • Bellapais village is home to fantastic restaurants, a wonderful 13th Century Abbey, and memorising views of Kyrenia.
    • The Bitter Lemons of Cyprus was written by the famous author Laurence Durrell, in Bellapais village.
    • Kyrenia Castle is home to the oldest ship wreck museum in the world.
kyrenia castle, kyrenia harbour

kyrenia castle, kyrenia harbour

    • In the Guinness Book of Records, the world record holder for the oldest tandem paraglider, lives in Karmi, North Cyprus. Peggy MacAlpine did a tandem paraglide jump at the age of 104 to win back her previous record, which was beaten by an American lady.
    • Outdoor activities include tandem paragliding, kite surfing, go karting, jeep safaris, horse riding, golf, daily boat trips and people watching!
    • North Cyprus has cinemas and ten pin bowling allies.
    • The Northern Cyprus coastline has over 30 unspoilt beaches to choose from!
sandy beach, kaplica

sandy beach, kaplica

    • Loggerhead turtles and green turtles use many of the sandy beaches in North Cyprus as their nesting grounds.
    • You can watch baby turtles hatching and being running to the sea in the months of August and September.
baby turtle running to the sea

baby turtle running to the sea

    • The Karpaz Peninsula is famous for its wild donkeys, as well as its outstanding natural beauty.
    • Meze, kebabs, white cheese, fish, and fruit are the most popular food in North Cyprus.
    • Spicy food from main land Turkey is available at all of the excellent kebab houses.
    • Ayran is a yoghurt and salt based drink popular with the locals.
    • Raki and Brandy Sour are popular local alcoholic drinks.
    • Efes Beer and Angora wine are good Turkish drinks.
    • Cypriots like to make home-made lemonata from the lemons growing in their gardens.
    • There are thousands of olive and carob trees in North Cyprus.

Olive trees

  • Villages celebrate their natural produce. There is an Olive Festival in Zeytinlik in October and a Carob Festival in Ozankoy in August.
  • There are two big religious holidays a year, and the date changes every year.
  • North Cyprus is a Muslim country, although it is very relaxed. Pork is widely available and enjoyed!
  • New Year’s Eve is North Cyprus’s Christmas. The Cypriots have Christmas trees and lights, and Father Christmas gives out presents.
  • Christmas is celebrated by the large expat community in hotels and bars throughout North Cyprus.
  • There are active Anglican and Catholic Churches in the towns of Kyrenia and Famagusta.

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