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New Years Resolutions!

It’s that time of the year again: making a list of do’s and dont's that only a few of us adhere to for the whole year. Having just left behind a challenging a year, we're all ready for new special moments that will make 2019 a year to remember!

We believe that there’s great value in setting different resolutions this year...

Make North Cyprus Your New Year Resolution...

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Take a chance, Do something risky!

In an age where risk has become almost synonymous with having less-than-flattering images of yourself on social media, most millennials have forgotten the adrenalin factor that can come into play when you’re on holiday, yet it’s incredible just how far an adrenalin sport can shake things up. Next time you’re in North Cyprus make sure to try paragliding, which takes off from one of the highest peaks in North Cyprus with the whole of Kyrenia underneath your feet!

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Step out of your normal routine!

There is no place for routine when you’re on holiday. Every moment is an opportunity to seize and to do something different. Check out the traditional Cypriot cafes and mingle with the locals. Challenge yourself – learn Turkish words and sentences and use them to communicate with the locals. Drink Turkish coffee and have your coffee cup read, or give your best shot at it yourself!

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Create magical moments!

What’s life without a bit of mother nature’s pixie dust. Swap your plans for something truly magical this year and make sure you don’t miss the baby carettas racing for the sea upon emerging from their eggs in the sand. Such captivating moments are in overabundance in Cyprus, such as the island’s enchanting history. From the secret rooms at Buffavento Castle to the story of the Queen that lived at St. Hilarion Castle, North Cyprus history invites thought and exudes endless mystery.

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Digital Detox

Needless to say that you will not be able to enjoy these activities properly if you’re stuck behind your phone screen trying to take photos or checking the number of “likes” you received in the 2 minutes since you posted your breakfast selfie! Switch off your phone and put it in your pocket where it belongs; it’s time to go back to basics and to enjoy your holiday in North Cyprus the way it should be enjoyed.

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Do what makes you happy

In addition to all the things we listed above, of course do not forget to do the things that you love! Spend quality time with the people that matter to you, pamper yourself, go on a shopping spree, take that trip! If you haven’t already visited North Cyprus, this should be at the top of your New Years Resolutions list! In Cyprus it’s easy to make sweet memories that will last you a lifetime as it still remains one of the most beautiful island holidays you will ever have.

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