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The Beaches of Northern Cyprus

North Cyprus Beach

North Cyprus Beaches

The coastline of North Cyprus is extremely varied. In parts there are long stretches of sand, in others there are pebble beaches, and there are sheer cliffs that climb from the waters’ edge.

The northern part of the coast is dotted with small sandy coves, some easy to find and others need to be searched for. There are not sign posts to many, but the most popular are easily identified.

For the most part, beaches that cater for the public by providing a car park, café or restaurant, and beach umbrellas, will make a charge

The most popular beaches in this area are Lara Beach and Acapulco, east of Kyrenia, and Kervanseray and Escape Beach west of Kyrenia.

There are wilder beaches, for example Alagadi beach east of Kyrenia, were the green and loggerhead turtles lay their eggs. These beaches are protected and are closed to the public during the hours of darkness in the hatching season. However the fascinating experience of watching the turtles emerge from their nest and take their first steps on a perilous journey to adulthood can be enjoyed by anyone if they apply to the turtle project director at the beach office.

Crystal clear water laps the beaches in gentle waves and with very little rise and fall in the tide, swimming is relatively safe all year round. There can be a slight undertow in the current and therefore, as with anywhere else in the world, care needs to be taken especially with children.

On the eastern coast, north of Famagusta, the huge sandy sweep of Salamis bay provides an almost endless opportunity for swimming. Mile after mile of practically deserted beach presents an irresistible invitation. What better way to spend a day than exploring the ancient site of Salamis in the morning and swim around the remains of the city harbour in the afternoon.

The Karpaz peninsula has the most spectacular stretch of sand that is called Golden Beach. Wild and unspoilt, and another haven for the endangered turtles, this is an area where time has stood still, where you can walk for miles and not see another person. A mile beyond St. Andrew’s monastery there is a white-sanded cove, a restaurant and accommodation called Sea Bird. If you are seeking tranquility, you will find it here.




One of the best beaches in Northern Cyprus is the Golden Sands beach situated in the Karpaz Peninsula. This beautiful, unspoilt beach is one of the quieter locations on the island. 

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