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Information about Guided Tours of North Cyprus

North Cyprus Guided Tours

Guided Tours of Northern Cyprus

Cyprus Paradise has a whole range of guided tours that will add extra enjoyment to your holiday. We produce the buses, provide the guides, organise the itineraries and the restaurants, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. The destinations vary but we can guarantee that all the major historical sites of North Cyprus are on our tour schedule and to accompany you on each of the tours there will be a local guide. Our full day tours include all entry fees to the sites and museums and lunch in a Cypriot restaurant.

The following are examples of our most popular tours:

Full day tour to Salamis, the Monastery of St. Barnabas, and the walled city of Famagusta, with lunch included. This is a tour that will encompass the bath house area, theatre and gymnasium at the ancient site of Salamis, once the most powerful city on Cyprus. A visit to the monastery of St. Barnabas, the patron saint of Cyprus, the church and ancillary buildings are now an icon and antiquities museum. A walking tour of Famagusta will take in such landmarks, as Othello’s tower the citadel that guards the harbour; the great cathedral of St. Nicholas that has been since 1571 the Lala Mustafa Pasha mosque; the remains of the palace of the Provveditore; the prison of the writer and philosopher Namik Kemal, and the church of SS Peter and Paul, now the Sinan Pasha mosque.

Full day tour to the Karpaz peninsula with lunch included. The drive to the far eastern end of North Cyprus will traverse some exquisitely tranquil scenery where only sheep, goats and a solitary shepherd move in the landscape. During the tour visits will be made to Iskele to visit the church and icon museum of the Panayia Theotokos, a beautifully decorated church with wall paintings dating from the 13th and 15th centuries. In the village of Sipahi, close to Yeni Erenkoy is the site of a Byzantine basilica where there is a beautifully preserved mosaic floor. Further on below the village of Dipkarpaz on the northern coastline is the site of Ayios Philon, here there is an opus sectile floor dating from the 5th C and the ruins of the later church erected in the 12th C. Built close to the old Roman harbour, it is only a short walk to investigate the remaining harbour moles and see where the iron ties clamped the cut stones together. In summer there is a stop at one of the wonderful Karpaz beaches for a swim.

Cyprus Night, an evening out in a village restaurant to experience the full menu of Cypriot food, starting with a range of succulent meze and a brandy sour, then the chance to sample one of the many meat dishes for which Cyprus is famous. This may be tasty shish kebabs of chicken or lamb, or kleftico the dish that is cooked slowly in a clay oven which consists of a piece of lamb usually cooked on the bone and accompanied by potatoes and tomato. Mouth wateringly tender, this is a dish everyone should try during a North Cyprus holiday. The evening will be enhanced by live Cypriot music and entertainment by a “Belly Dancer”.



A range of different guided tours are on offer, from a historical tour of Famagusta and Salamis Ruins, to the natural beauty of the Karpaz Peninsula and the unique opportunity to visit the last divided capital in the world, Lefkosa. 

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